Provincetown ParaCon: May 12-14, 2017


On May 12-14, join “Paranormal Provincetown” author Sam Baltrusis for a three-day paranormal experience at the allegedly haunted Provincetown Inn.

Baltrusis has assembled a motley crew of paranormal A-listers including Provincetown’s own Adam Berry from TLC’s “Kindred Spirits,” “Ghost Hunters” and “Ghost Hunters Academy.” Berry will be joined with Amy Bruni, his fellow investigator from “Ghost Hunters” and on-air partner from “Kindred Spirits.” Dana and Greg Newkirk, regulars on “Kindred Spirits” and content creators at Planet Weird, will unveil their Traveling Museum of the Paranormal & Occult on Friday, May 12.

TRUE CRIME: We’ve added a special Friday night May 12 TRUE CRIME tour at the Provincetown ParaCon featuring Provincetown’s crime scenes with PXP’s Rachel Hoffman and “Paranormal Provincetown” author Sam Baltrusis 11 p.m.-1 a.m. Only 20 slots HERE

Other A-Listers include Tim Weisberg and Stephanie Burke from Spooky Southcoast and John Brightman from Brite Star Promotions. All three have been on paranormal-themed TV shows.

HEADLINER SPONSOR: Very excited to announce that FX Crate has signed on as the Provincetown ParaCon’s headliner sponsor. Starting at just $24.99 a month, get all of the special effects makeup you could ever dream of, delivered to your door monthly.

The best deal for the Provincetown ParaCon is the VIP weekend pass HERE. VIP weekend passes get you into ALL events (see lineup HERE). However, the Friday night party, Saturday event and lecture series and Saturday night investigation are all ticketed individually to allow you to customize your Provincetown ParaCon experience.Scored a Groupon? Spooktacular. Email us at with the size of your party and event you signed up for (Friday party, Saturday lecture or Saturday investigation only) and we will email you tickets.

The “Kindred Spirits” VIP party 8 p.m.-11 p.m. Friday, May 12, sponsored by the official psychic medium of the Lizzie Borden B&B Lucky Belcamino, will kick off a three-day paranormal conference organized by “Paranormal Provincetown” author Sam Baltrusis. Expect a few familiar faces at the Friday night bash including Stephanie Burke from Spooky Southcoast and a “Kindred Spirits” regular and John Brightman formerly from “Ghost Adventures.”


Planet Weird‘s Greg Newkirk and Dana Matthews are bringing their Traveling Museum of the Paranormal and the Occult to the Provincetown ParaCon. They will headline the Friday, May 12 VIP bash along with Ginny Nightshade and Michael D’Angelo from Old School Game Show. Greg and Dana are bringing a few bizarre odds and ends to our event like a haunted painting with a bad habit of flinging itself from walls, a mysterious scrying mirror that reflects terrible visions and even wood planks from the infamous Amityville Horror house, to name a few.


Speakers at the Saturday, May 13 event and lecture series HERE include author Sam Baltrusis, Tim Weisberg, Adam Berry and Amy Bruni, John Brightman, “The Shanty” author Sandra Lee, author Peter Muise.

Tickets HERE for the Provincetown ParaCon don’t include overnight accommodations at the Provincetown Inn. However, we do get a discount! Use promo code “ghost” when booking your room HERE.

The syndicated TV show “What’s New? Massachusetts” previews the Provincetown ParaCon below: