Paranormal Investigation May 13

fullsizerenderOn Saturday, May 13 at 8 p.m., join us on the para-celeb ghost hunt, sponsored by the The 555: Paranormal Productions by para-psychic Brandie Wells. Featured investigators include Adam Berry and Amy Bruni from TLC’s “Kindred Spirits,” Dana and Greg Newkirk from Planet Weird, Stephanie Burke and Tim Weisberg from Spooky Southcoast radio, John Brightman and author Sam Baltrusis.

We’re excited to announce that the historic UU Meetinghouse in Provincetown has agreed to host the Saturday, May 13 paranormal investigation with the Provincetown ParaCon’s dream team of para-celebs including Adam Berry. If you’re interested in just participating in the investigation, I would recommend scoring a Groupon here: The Provincetown ParaCon’s investigation is sponsored by the 555 Paranormal Productions with Brandie Wells so expect a well organized evening of history and ghosts.

Purchase tickets HERE